Apr 24 • 7M

Thom Mangia I Bambini Episode 0.1


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Thom Wong
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Hello. If this works correctly you should find here Episode 0.1 of Thom Mangia I Bambini. It’s a podcast, or will be. Right now it’s an experiment.

The title comes from a friend who told me that when Italy had a massive communist party people against them would say “I comunisti mangiano i bambini”, or communists eat kids. As the first episodes will all be about Italy, it seemed fitting. Not sure it will stick but if history tells us anything, this is now the title.

The podcast is about places and what you find there. Or places and how they find you. Or how expectations shape our perceptions of places. Or how we shape the places we expect. Something like that.

As an episode 0.1, I’m actually looking for feedback. If you listen and have thoughts, please let me know. Eventually this will go live in its own podcast home, but for the foreseeable future I’ll post them here first.


Music by Eastlake, except Flower Duet.